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Lamanai or "Submerged Crocodile" is perhaps one of the Maya cities of longest habitation 1500 BC to approximately 1675 AD (well after the Spanish Conquest and into British presence in Belize)

The 28 mile boat ride up the New River is an experience of Flora and Fauna never to be forgotten. Once into the New River Lagoon; you will be completely taken back by the majestic view of the savannah on one side and the forest on the other crowned by Mayan Temples.

Your walk through the rain forest to the High Temple and sighting of the well-preserved mask of a Maya ruler emerging from a crocodile headdress are some of the experiences to be treasured.

The tour lasts 5 hours. $110.00 US per person

Includes transportation and boat ride up the New River, park fees and lunch (minimum of 4 persons).

A mini tour into "Sugar City" Orange Walk Town is also possible.