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Belize VacationTourism is one of Belize's top sources of employment and investment and Belizeans welcome all visitors with open arms. Living in Belize is now an attractive option for those seeking a frost-free area where they can retire in comfort. Many ex pats from the United States of America, Canada and Europe now make Belize their home.

Check out our Top Ten Maya Sites in Belize page for an example of Belize attractions. Many of these sites are still unexplored and there are more awaiting to be discovered. This makes Belize a top destination for archaeology students and for Maya archaeologists looking to make a name for themselves.

Belizeans are becoming more environmentally aware thanks to educational campaigns by non government organizations and conservation groups. Belize has 44% (2.6 Million acres - 1.22 Million hectares) of its land and sea territory protected under various environmental management agreements with the Belize government through the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO).

Belize now attracts over one million annual visitors (2011 figures) seeking to explore the attractions of a unique Caribbean country in Central America where English is the official language but Spanish is widely spoken.

Belize is a little known but well-established offshore banking jurisdiction and many visitors combine a vacation with business seeking to explore their investment and finance options.

Its natural and exotic attractions welcome visitors to travel Belize, explore, relax and experience a genuine Caribbean getaway strategically located in northern Central America.



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