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One of the most respective Mayan cities.

AltunHa is the name given to the archeological site of an ancient Maya City in Belize located in the Belize District about 50 kilometers (30miles) north of Belize City up the Northern Highway. The modern day name of "AltunHa" means Rock Stone Pond.

AltunHa has two plazas and 13 structures (temples), the most famous being the Temple of Masonry Altars. Stone steps enable you to climb to the top. The unique Jade Head, one of Belize's national treasures was found at the Temple of Masonry Alters. The Jade Head, a representation of the Sun God; Kinich Ahau is the single largest carved jade object yet discovered in the Maya World.

A silent witness of time, AltunHa was once a significant trading center for both jade and obsidian. Archeological investigations have shown that AltunHa was occupied by 200BC to 900AD(classic Period), when the site 2.5sq. miles housed some 3000 residents and the remaining 10,000 pedants class in the surrounding areas.

$70.00 US per person includes entrance fee, transportation, a mini city tour and secondary forest tour behind the ceremonial area.

3.5 hour tour

Likewise should you need to be picked up at the airport or transferred on return to the airport this can be arranged.

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